CONFEUROPA in the world, was created to enhance the activities and promote the internationalization of associated companies and partners in the world, in order to increase their value both in terms of dimensional development and competitive capacity on the global market, through the “System Confeuropa Imprese”

CONFEUROPA in the world, is inspired by the charter of values and the code of ethics and represents the interests of the associated companies and partners of Confeuropa Imprese on a national and international scale, which through the “System Confeuropa Imprese”, helps build a new network of contacts and has obtain unique opportunities for business development.

CONFEUROPA in the world and the “System Confeuropa Imprese” define common paths and share, in compliance with the areas of autonomy and influence, objectives and initiatives with the world of economics and finance, national, European and international institutions, business associations , patronage, public administration, education, culture, research, science, technology, politics, information, social partners and civil society.

We connect more than 1500 companies representing 49 countries. Our support activities are based on the “System Confeuropa Imprese” and on its own Departments. Through our departments we initiate the necessary procedures to dialogue directly with national and international authorities, in order to share knowledge and experiences, receive information on new technologies and trends, in the development of their business in relevant markets. In addition, we have a management development center and our training programs are open to all employees of the partners and associated companies.

CONFEUROPA in the world and the “System Confeuropa Imprese” believe in the internationalization network, favor the consolidation and economic-commercial development of partners and companies on foreign markets, useful for deepening the opportunities for commercial, industrial and investment collaboration.

CONFEUROPA in the world and the “System Confeuropa Imprese” promote and support companies in the internationalization process. They work alongside partners and companies to get to know foreign markets, to identify new opportunities, to consolidate international relations, to strengthen and make the entrepreneurial presence in the world even more strategic.

CONFEUROPA in the world, is inspired by the charter of values and the code of ethics of the “System Confeuropa Imprese”.

The first-rate activities of CONFEUROPA in the world include:

  • the promotion of partners and leading companies, with their peers and the promotion of close contacts between them;
  • the protection of the interests of national and international partners and companies at the highest sectoral level;
  • support to partners and companies in public relations to implement and consolidate on the national and international territory;
  • provide support to partners and associated companies complete information on a large scale, on what is happening in the reference countries and on its regulatory context.

CONFEUROPA in the world, thanks to the “System Confeuropa Business“, the use of the most modern tools of promotion, communication, a dynamic organization, a widespread network of partnerships and offices around the world, carries out information, assistance, consultancy and training.